WordPress Maintenance & Support

When you sign up for a support plan for WordPress I make sure updates and backups and made on a regular basis.

It’s crucial that all of your websites system, themes and plugins are up to date! This ensures that your website is secure and works properly.

Your website is monitored 24/7. If for some reason your website is unavailable, I’m instantly notified so I can take the necessary measures.

A requirement for strong passwords, fire walls and a maximum number of login attempts are just some of the things I implement to keep your website secure.

WordPress makes regular updates to their system, and the same goes for plugins and the theme installed on your website. Not keeping your site up to date can have serious consequences.

That’s why I make sure the latest versions of themes, plugins and systems are active on your website.

With a support plan you have me as your own webmaster. I help you with the day-to-day support issues, and I’m available for questions concerning your website.

Instead of spending hours finding the solution to a problem, just reach out to me and I’ll help you!